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Thread: Cara Cara 2 or Endura 4 (Stainless steel handles)?

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    Cara Cara 2 or Endura 4 (Stainless steel handles)?

    Would like to know your opinions between both knives, pros and cons of each and your final judgement in wich one to buy! Will really help in my next knife order...

    BTW, please do not consider the price difference, just technical specs of both knives!

    Thank you very much!

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    Well the endura is better built and better materials. If price is not a concern the e4 is the clear winner, unless you love a choil.
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    i have a cara cara 2 and it is great. buy which ever one you like best. i would not get the stainless handle, it scratches easy and is a lot heavier. that is your choice though.

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