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Thread: help I need parts

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    help I need parts

    I got a spyderfly 440C (all steel) and I need a new blade? Training blade? And latch spring my blade is a total length of 4.75" and a thickness of 1/8" with two pivot nubs being 4.75mm in diameter and blade width is 1 7/32"at widest point.

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    I think you can contact at Warranty & Repair department. They will be able to help.

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    Spyderco was ordered to destroy all Spyderfly knives and parts by the Federal government. Even if that were not the case, they have never sold spare/replacement blades for any of their knives. So, as far as the blade, your only option is to have one fabricated by a custom maker. As for the spring, the one from the Smallfly may work, but unless your active duty military or a LEO, I'm not sure if they can sell you one.
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