I fell in love after picking up the black Embassy in had spyder-edge serrated, that I had to pick up the black plain edge (with the complementary bonus of having a much stronger action) a mere 1.5 months later. Alternating, they have turned into my 80% of the time EDC tool. After taking in love with the Spyderco made in Golden automatics, I would love to get my hands on the Autonomy. Is it still on the horizon, and do you have a good feel of the street price? I picked up my Embassies at approx. $180 a piece. While I expect it to cost more, I'm hopeful for only $30-$90 more. Less than $300 out the door.

Thanks in advance for letting me know what you guys know. I tried to search, but didn't find anything firm or recent on the Autonomy.