just got me a szabo fly and it is truly a sweet bali .flips great and is so sharp im a little afraid of it.this is my second bali from laci.i got this small custom bali from him with szabo design engraved on one side and made in the usa ebgraved on the other.it looks like a 2 year old engraved it.lol.i love this little thing its like the szabofly but less then half the size and the handle are curved but solid with holes in it.the szabofly is sweet though i think its one of the easiest balis to flip open but not to do tricks cause i havent tried any with it i dont want to drop it and ding it or cut myself with it.i got it for $225 brand new.just the way it fits in youre hand makes you want to slash at things.not likee a reg bali were the handle is straight this fits youre hand like a folder.great design.