Ok I'm new here. I'm not new to spyderco or any other major brand of pocket knife. However, I have finally succumbed to the "How the hell do I make my serrated edge look like it did when I first bought the damn thing." My vintage copilot (bought it in the seventies I think) needs a new edge. Its the second copilot I've owned. The first one I suspect resides in the pocket of the jerk of a deputy who claimed that I never handed it to him upon entering the court house. (I hope "Sheba" cut him deeply at least once) Its the second (Sheba 2) that needs attention. She has opened tin cans, cut through sheet metal and carved many sharp sticks. Before you admonish me about using her so roughly, let me say that a pocket knife serves many purposes. That's why I purchase them. I just need her back to original form. Any advice will be heartily considered. Thank you.