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Thread: Delica 4 emerson, 5cm cutting edge

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    Delica 4 emerson, 5cm cutting edge

    Hi all,

    Spyderco must do this version

    Delica 4 emerson, 5cm cutting edge for some country law;

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    I'd probably take a Dragonfly, even though it's not waved. Not sure which country's law, but my workplace considers blade length to be anything that folds out of the handle, no matter the size of the choil. Also not sure how comfy that choil would be considering the standard shape of the Delica handle.

    Also, welcome to the forum! Any pictures of your Spyderco collection?
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    Most laws (at lease in the USA) measure by "blade length". If by cutting edge I could carry a bunch of other Spydies which are illegal currently.

    You would be better off grinding down the blade similar to Mr. Janich's wharn-duras.

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    Welcome! That is a very interesting design.
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    I wouldn't hold to that list from the link you gave. I live in Virginia and we have no statewide blade length laws. Some locals have length restrictions on school property, most are
    3" or less. Also autos and everything else on the list are legal. Problems start when you carry them concealed, but possesion and carrying in plain view is legal.

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    Benchmade Axis autos work really well for lefties, like the Presidio. From the description I thought the Autonomy was going to be like that. Too bad. But, on the other hand, left handed people seem to have trouble with the PM2 and I find it easy to work. Maybe I'll be lucky. But until I get to see, feel, play with one I will not know.
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