I recently was turned on to Opinel knives by a forum member. I got a #6 and love it. I've used it a bit and made a couple modifications to it that I'll share. These knives are so much different than any Spyderco or about any brand I've used that I think they deserve their own place in knife world. If anyone wants to post Opinel stuff you can post it here so all Opinel info is easy to find or start a new thread, doesn't matter. Opinel knives have been discussed some already. Such a basic design while using a good blade steel is nice IMO. Anyway, here is my knife modification flow.

Brand new (blurry sorry)

Handle shape modification. Much more comfortable.

Nail nick access modification.

Blade patina

I have left the handle with the natural wood (beechwood) showing. I sealed it against moisture but that is all. I don't have any plans to change it unless I see something that I like. Any ideas anyone?