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Thread: Show your love for Taichung Taiwan Spydercos!

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    My two Taiwan offerings in CTS XHP. I quite like the steel now that I've had some time using it, and the F&F on these two knives is fantastic. The detent on the Domino is flips open almost instantaneously, and when I disengage the lock I push the blade until it hits the detent, pull my fingers out of the way, and the detent provides just the right amount of resistance so that the second the right amount of force required to overcome it is applied, it snaps perfectly closed...almost never snaps shut with enough force to bounce back open a small amount. It's so easy to get just the perfect amount of force every time...this is a VERY well sorted knife, and the Techno has definitely surpassed the Chaparral as my favourite small knife. I have enough praise for the Techno that I'll leave it there rather than risk making this post ramble on farther than it has already.

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    Time for another !


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