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Thread: Grind angle for Cara Cara 2

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    Grind angle for Cara Cara 2

    I have a question regarding sharpening of a Byrd Cara Cara 2. I own a lansky diamond sharpening kit, and before I begin sharpening on a knife I haven't sharpened before, I like to know the factory angle. I re-profile many if my knives, but I figure the designers planned a certain angle for the blade edge into the overall design of the blade. Does anyone know what the Cara Cara's grind angle is from the factory?
    Thank you all for any/all assistance with this question.

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    I believe that most spyderco knives are let with a bevel closer to 30 degrees inclusive. The lansky system has a 17 and a 20 degree setting. If I were you I would use the 20 degree (40 degree inclusive) and set the bevel that way. I would still recommend using a sharpie to mark the edge and see where you're making contact. Also keep in mind that the diamond stones especially the coarse ones will remove a lot of metal fast so be slow and take your time. Best of luck!

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    For 8Cr13MoV, 30 inclusive & 40 micro should work the best!

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