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Thread: Broken latch spring on my Spyderfly.

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    Broken latch spring on my Spyderfly.

    Hi, I have a Spyderco Spyderfly Balisong, which I like very much, but unfortunately the spring that pops the latch open broke and had to be removed. Is there any possibility for Spyderco to send me a replacement spring? I know it's a discontinued model, but maybe you still have some in store or perhaps the spring for the Smallfly is the same spring as for the Spyderfly, so you can send me one of those? I'd be immensely grateful if this could be arranged somehow.
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    Dr. Heelhook,
    Please contact our Warranty & Repair department. They would be your best point of contact. You can reach them via e-mail at

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    My spyderfly 440C. I sharpened my blade (including back tip 1/3) and used it for a few years. I was wondering how much a replacement blade would be? A training blade would be? And a latch spring?

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