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Thread: I'll see your Spyderco and raise you another!

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    Exclamation I'll see your Spyderco and raise you another!

    Pull out your camera and dig through your collection!

    How to play:
    1. A member makes a challenge by posting a photo of his/her
    2. Another member posts a photo to match the previous person's and includes another of his/her own. If that member is the first to post a valid response, his/her photo becomes the latest challenge.
    How to win:
    • Every Spyderco model ever produced is displayed in this thread. We all win.
    • Just have fun. Try to keep the thread going.
    • The photo must only have two Spyderco models displayed: the one you are matching, and the one you are challenging in turn
    • The Spyderco you challenge must be a new model not previously challenged on this thread.
    • You are matching the particular variation of a model distinguished by its Model Reference code (i.e. SKU). Delica 4 FFG plain edge in black (C11PBK) shall be considered different from a Delica 4 FFG in SpyderEdge (C11SBK) or orange (C11FPOR).
    • Custom modifications to a model are disregarded. Be clear to announce what the model originally was prior to modifications.
    • The photo you submit must include the words "I see your" and "and raise you". You can write it on post-it notes. You can spell it in spaghetti. You can have it typed on your screen displayed next to your knives. Do what you must. This rule prevents cheating by the posting of photos taken not specifically for this game.
    • The first valid response to the standing challenge becomes the current standing challenge. Late responses are disregarded, so be quick.
    • If noone submits a valid response within 18 hours of the latest challenge, the member who posted the latest challenge must submit another photo with a different Spyderco model as challenge (hopefully an easier one). Remember that fun is had when the thread is moving along and not when it's stuck.
    • If the latest challenge stands for more than 24 hours, the game will then be open to a new challenge by any member. The first valid challenge after the 24th hour will be recognized, with later ones being disregarded. The photo you submit must display one new model and the words "I raise you" somewhere in the picture.

    • A list of all the models encountered so far is being maintained by good forum member, Reject, continually posted near the beginning or end of each page in the thread. Please refer to it to see which models have already been challenged.
    • When you post a challenge, please consider adding the Model Reference code / SKU of the new somewhere in your post. It makes things easier for reference.
    • When posting a challenge, please consider having an additional challenge at the ready. That would mean only having to take out the camera once instead of twice, as well as getting the new challenge out sooner for the sake of pacing.

    Say the current challenge is a Superleaf...

    C28GRE2 Spyderco Dragonfly2 British Racing Green FRN ZDP-189

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