This is not a complaint. Just letting you know how the process seems to be working. Before the change a year or two ago when I clicked the link in an email it took me to the post the email was referring to. Now when I click the link I may find myself at any place in the thread. May be the first post or any page if there are multiple pages. I can just go to the post I want to read so as I said this is not a problem. Just FYI.

Another thing that is not a problem is I think when I am notified of a new post in a thread I have replied to I shouldn't get any more emails about that thread until after I revisit it. Sometimes I'll look at my email after several hours and have multiple email notices of posts to the same thread. Again, this is not a complaint. Just letting you know what I see. I assume other members get the same behaviour though I may be wrong about that. Maybe it's some setting in my email but I think it's controlled by the forum software.

Thanks for a great forum.