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Thread: Be careful, fake military launched

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomAiello View Post
    Can anyone tell me if this is a real one?

    Any guidance appreciated.
    I have bought a few Spydercos from United Outdoors and I have been happy with my purchases. A pink Native, a Breeden Rescue, a Superleaf, and I think my Endura came from them. They are a good seller.

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    New to the forum.I just bought a spyderco military from ebay. Their was a box pictured earlier in this thread.Mine has the exact same numbers under the barcode.EVery number on my box is the same as that box.The knife itself looks real enough.Any way I can tell if it's a fake ? It weighs 143 grams which is 23 grams more than the spyderco specs state.I could post pix if needed.
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