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Thread: Firearms Lovers speak, post, share your favorite pistols

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    Quote Originally Posted by Commendatore View Post
    When boar hunting I take a S&W 686 Plus with me, don`t want to have 20 rounds in the magazine and a stuck slide with a big pig around
    I have a SW 686 myself, but don't have a problem carrying a Glock when I am out
    and about in the woods. I have spied a Mt Lion on my property and never worry about
    the slide sticking if the cat or anything else decided to visit while I was fixing fence.

    What if there are more critters than 6 can take care of.

    But you're not alone in your opinion. I love the 686, I have it ready in the house in
    case the wife (or I) needs to get to it quick. I trust our lives to it as well.
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