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One huge thing to think about though, especially now, is ammo. 9mm is more available and cheaper.
I can also find better deals on 50 box 9mm or even bulk. Or should I say that I "used" to be able to
find deals. Lately I can't find much of anything, including 22.

To me th emain thing is to get something that makes "you" happy, nit anyone on here or your
best friend, or dad, or brother, or the guy at the gun shop. It's your money and you are the one
carrying and shooting it...and buying ammo for the rest of its life.
It has been fairly easy going here. I have been able to find 45 acp and 357 sig in most gun shops I frequent. I was prepared for this with lots of stock in 22, , 40 and 45 as well as 20 and 12 guage shotshells.

The 40 caliber has always felt a bit snappy in my hand, but I can manage it and from my carbine exerts similar ballistics to a 357 magnum from a 6" barrel. What really makes me happy is shooting steel with my 1911.