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Thread: New Cara Cara 2 G10

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    New Cara Cara 2 G10

    ]What a nice blade. I have had a couple cara cara's in the past, including a Gen 1 both in stainless and was impressed with them. The quality of this knife is outstanding, just as sharp as my tenacious out of the box. The G10 is well done and only slightly less eye catching than the tenacious.

    It was dirty and gritty out of the box but 2 drops of Froglube had it working VERY smooth, almost Endura smooth. Fit and finish is fantastic, locks up solid and since the lube I have zero complaints. 33 dollars shipped on amazon. I still think the 40 dollar Tenacious is the best deal going but this is a close second. If you like the Endura style better than the Tenacious, this would be a great knife to put in your rotation.
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    The Cara Cara looks good. I have just gotten into knifes and the Byrd line was really responsible for this. I first brought a byrd hawkbill and that was all she wrote. I have 2 Cara Cara's and love them both. Great knifes an d great price.

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