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Thread: Blervís Semi-Comprehensive Flashlight Guide (VERY Long)

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    That Niteye is pretty neat looking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donut View Post
    That Niteye is pretty neat looking.
    Thanks brother!

    Beyond "looking" cool, it's really a terrific little light. I'm a big fan of mag ring UI and this has the best one I've tried. Exactly like the RRT01 but a tad smoother. The range from off (standby) to max with no stepping is outstanding. Since Vinh replaced the LED with a Nichia, it has great tint and CRI. The only down side at all is this much titanium is a tough heavy. It's fine in jeans or even cargo shorts. In swears it kinda bangs around. But that's not much of a downside.


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