Just got a new Meadowlark2 in G10, wow! The fit and finish on this thing is just top freakin' notch! Love the notched stainless backstrap, love it.

This is the first byrd I have picked up in G10, the other two are FRN and the G10 really seriously ups the perceived quality of this knife! It feels like a $100 knife in the hand. Very well done Sal and company. Now please, please, please make the byrd Hawkbill in G10 just-like-this! :-) I will buy several!

Hats off to Spyderco and their super budget friendly byrd line... one of the best values on the market. Can't wait to see the new Raven & Crow!!!

(BTW, I am doing this on my phone so can't post up pics of my new Meadowlark2 G10…will do so later this weekend.)