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The coins have become nice gifts to friends nowadays (I know Ed Schempp has a few from various units I have been a part of, as does Kristi and her children). Before the massive proliferation of coins, they were often used to shut up poseurs claiming to be with elite military or law enforcement units. For some reason, this often happened in a drinking establishment . Once someone had regaled the crowd with a BS tale, if you happened to have really been in the unit he was claiming, you would toss out your coin and say, "We all have these. Where's yours?" which often created some interesting situations.

I haven't seen many people use them except as keepsakes and gifts in quite awhile. In my old SWAT unit, we used to have to carry them for purposes of economic welfare and self-preservation. After an operation or training session, if we did a coin check and you did not have yours, you bought the beer, breakfast, or whatever.
...they sound to like something you earn rather than something you buy. Maybe Spyderco should keep them and hand them out to those who merit recognition. Heck if you are into Spyderco, just show your knife.

I don't want to be a "joy kill", however. Let consensus rule.