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Thread: New byrd model?

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    Byrd needs a Vulture the biggest bad to the bone Byrd knife ever made!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jax View Post
    How about a Byrd version of the para and Millie,maybe they could be called the hawk and eagle,or falcon and hawk?
    Or how about a gentlemans Byrd called the swift?
    Hello everyone. first post but a longtime fan of Spyderco. i also would love to see Byrd analogs of the Military and Paramilitary. i recently purchased the. cara cara 2, and am quite satisfied with overall quality of a knife i paid only $20 for.

    edit: when i said Byrd Military analog, i just really meant a longer blade than the Cara Cara 2, something similar to the Resilience; but if a Military style Byrd comes out, that would be just fine too.
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    I would love to see one the size of the Cat or Chapparal and call it either Condor or Osprey.

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    I would like to place another vote for a updated Pelican model. This is my all time favorite Byrd model. With just a few slight modifications it would be perfect for my uses. I own two currently and would buy more if they weren't so scarce these days. I modified the tip of one of mine to a wharncliff profile which makes the knife about perfect. I also ground a pocket in the inside of the backspacer so the tip would not contact it( common problem on this model). Maybe the blade stop could be slightly redesigned to negate this problem. I would probably leave the little decorative cut outs out of the handle as well. Maybe a shackle key cut out like a Mariner would be cool instead. I like SS handled models, but a G10 model would probably appeal to a wider market as well, but if given the choice I would take a SS model.

    On a side note I am also waiting on a updated Harrier as well

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    Current guitar tech tools are kind of gimpy. I've been brainstorming on a guitar tool that would perform every function of most common guitar tools, only a little bit better. Could call it a songbird.
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    There are a few models that I sorely miss. The Kopa and Kiwi were great folders to carry. I really like bolsters and had a Harrier, but it felt huge compared to the Kopa and Kiwi. I have been stalking the knife forums and ebay hunting for the Wings 2 slipit. They are nowhere to be found. I do think it is interesting that the discontinued bolstered models draw such a hefty resale price. Any Byrd with bolsters and pins will grab this tiny portion of the market.

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    It's been quite a while, anything in the pipeline now Sal?
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