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Thread: H.L. Dalis "Q" knife

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    H.L. Dalis "Q" knife

    Several years ago, my father found a spyderco knife. I recently found out from Spyderco that it is a "Q" knife designed for the H.L. Dalis Company. The strange thing is, everywhere I have looked I see the H.L. Dalis knife described as having the Statue of Liberty on it. This one has the logo from the company. The person from Spyderco told me it was pretty rare. Does anyone know about any other knives like this.Name:  IMG00298-20120725-1517.jpg
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    I've heard of that one as well as being the Statute of Liberty design but I've never seen one. The one you have seems to be their company logo so that would make more sense.You might private message this member
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    I have never seen the "statue of liberty" Q. I believe that I've seen a picture of this once. Still pretty rare.
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    For personal reasons, I've been looking for the H.L. Dalis Q ever since I first heard of it and have come to believe the "Statue of Liberty" version either does not exist, or was not made for them. I can say with certainty that the only other H.L. Dalis Q that I've ever seen looked like yours, a representation of their logo. I suspect that either Mr. Carither's was given incorrect information when compiling his list, that he made a mistake, or that somewhere between his original notes, the published article, and the webpage based on that article, an error crept in. His list, while not complete, is still an important reference, despite any minor inaccuracies.
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    Nice find! Any chance of a clearer pic?

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    wow, never seen one of those before. thanks for sharing
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