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Thread: Lionspy users please stand up !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbelleh View Post
    Yes. It's an old trunk. It's right in front of a large window, and makes a pretty interesting backdrop for photos.
    I had imagined it was the bed of a 50s model pickup.... either way I really love it.
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    Used mine a bit. Ground it a bit thinner (polished convex) and it cuts very well. The belly is great for hard cuts (zip ties, hard plastic etc.). Great fit and finish, only nit pick is a very slightly off grind near the tip (fixed it myself)

    Been using it in ways I'd hesitate to use my Military (mainly because of the thin tip on the Millies), but I do miss the thin tip often.. The Techno blade shape is imho better.

    No issues with hot spots during hard cutting, will be my hard use/slight abuse folder. Don't use the rotoblock at all.

    It carries very discretely, but I don't like the clip. The SR-2 clip should fit and I'm trying to get one from Lionsteel.


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    I held one today at my local preferred knife store...out of my price range right now and for a while, but it's one hell of a knife. Amazing fit and finish, and way more comfortable than I was expecting...and Elmax...and...
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    Every once in awhile I debate again on purchasing one. I Obviously don't *need* it, as I own Manix 2 XL's and Super Leaf etc. Best price I have seen on it is $249 from GPKnives. I'm just hesitant, since if I need that stout/solid of a knife, I'll probably be using a fixed blade, but the Lionspy is good looking...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffc View Post
    I was thinking the same thing. If someone has I would love to see it and know how it works.
    Can anyone confirm if a swap would work or of a place that this has been discussed further?

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