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Thread: Spyderco C131 Terzuola Slipit

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    Spyderco C131 Terzuola Slipit

    Usually I'm not much of a Spyderco guy... I own a Military (CF/BG42), and a Para-Military II (G10/S30V).

    Mostly I buy custom knives. And that's also the reason that I registered on this forum, to keep an eye on the release of the "Deviant" folder!

    But recently I purchased a Terzuola Slipit. And I must say, I like it VERY much! First of all because it was designed by knife hero Bob Terzuola, and second because it's a slipjoint with a very interesting (non)locking system (detent balls).

    Here's some pics:

    Kind regards,


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    I totally agree - it's a lovely little knife that looks very classy and can be EDC'd in just about any country in the world
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