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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodEyeSniper View Post
    nice collection, do you have any fallback users? do you EDC any or pretty much just collect?
    Mainly just collect the Spyderco Fixed blade knives.
    EDC’ing folders over here is touchy subject, let alone trying to EDC fixed blade knives.

    If I did EDC one it would be the Perrin Street Beat, a very versatile little knife.

    Out bush? A little harder to choose, Temperance 2, Bushcraft and Puukko as a kit. The Schempp Rock is light and would tuck away nicely in a backpack and in wet conditions, any of the H-1 blades would be great to carry and forget, until you need it.

    The Temperances would work around a camp, as would the Bill Morans or the Perrins. The new Enuffs feel great in the hand and then you have the Hossom series.

    I don’t go bush much these days, when I do, I am going have to decide on which knives to take at least a week in advance. Because if I try to do it on the day, I will most likely never get out of the house.
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