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Thread: IG-88's Spyderco Accumulation :-) (Lot of Pics)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazz View Post
    Very nice ATR! Does the Cobra hood accidentally catch on the pocket like a wave? It looks dangerous.
    The Cobra hood snagging on fabric and inadvertently waving the knife open at least part way was the primary reason I retired my ATR.
    I don't believe in safe queens, only in pre-need replacements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yablanowitz View Post
    The Cobra hood snagging on fabric and inadvertently waving the knife open at least part way was the primary reason I retired my ATR.
    So what you're saying is you would like to sell it to me?
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    Nice. I love the web on 2009 Native. Some find it too busy, but I like it.
    It looks like factory edge on N5. You need to put it to use, this little cardboard killer
    How do you like Adventura and Lava?
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    Awesome collection of forum knives Nicholas
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    Those forum knives are spectacular! All you need now is the 2002 burgundy Vesuvius and you'll be in good shape. Heh heh!

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