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Very nice, I'll keep those last few photos of your entire collection on hand for when my wife asks if I don't already have enough spydies.
Same here but she begins to understand that we Spyderholics will never have enough Spydies

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Very nice collection. The Captain is a proud part of my collection, too.

You have the Saber Ground ZDP Delica and the Flat Ground ZDP Endura, but you don't have the Flat Ground ZDP Delica and the Saber Ground ZDP Endura. Not even mentioning the Serrated Saber ZDP Delica and Endura.

It's nice that you have one of each run of EDC Forums Manix, I only have the first run version.
The Captain is amazing, not practical but so good looking, just love it.

OMG I forgot all about the variations Thanks for the reminder