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Thread: Why can't I buy balisong parts?

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    Why can't I buy balisong parts?

    A couple of months ago I talked to customer service and was told I can't buy balisong parts. I only wanted clips and latch for a B02. I was told no cigar. I let it go. But the more I think about it, the more pissed I become. In the last 4 months I bought the following that were made in 2011.

    1 BO2GP
    1 BO2GPBL
    1 BO2GPFG
    3 BO2GPCMO

    This is current production, only a few months old, and I can't buy a clip, a latch spring, or a latch? Anyone want to explain how spyderco's warranty is non-existent on new production?

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    I would guess this has to do with the "restricted items" status that the SmallFly holds. Spyderco got hit hard because of their bali's (read up on it, I don't want to drag that up again) and is taking necessary precautions.

    If you can't buy the knife straight from Spyderco, I would guess they're not going to sell you parts either. I would contact the dealer that you bought these from and see if they can help. As a dealer, I would imagine they have access to these parts from Spyderco and should work to take care of you.

    If you want to get pissed at anyone, make it the folks in the 10th Circuit court that improperly ruled on Spyderco's bali's.
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