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Thread: C119P or C121P?

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    Question C119P or C121P?

    This thread has probably been discussed many times over, but I would like to know from the users who own both or have owned both. I know the blade length is similar and the function is obviously the same, so which seems to have the best handle ergos and traction? I like the Embassy because of it's lighter weight, however I see the advantages of the Citadel's bi-directional "washboard" texturing. My previous experiences with Auots have all been Microtech, MOD and BM. I have no doubts that these are built to the quality levels of all Spydies, but are they comparable in F&F to those listed above? Thanks,

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    I've only handled Benchmade autos for comparison, but I can tell you that the Spyderco models are every bit as well built and with equal fit and finish as the BMs.

    I have the large Citadel and have handled an Embassy. If I was getting one of these smaller autos, I'd go with the Embassy.
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