So I just walked in the door from a week in NM (after a short trip to pub) and thought I'd share.

I went to Socorro for a week and was debating how to knife up for the trip; after a touch of frustration due to perceived ambiguity of the statutes I decided that if i packed a Delica and did not swing it about after much beers I might be alright. Today i find myself approaching the screening area and I find myself in close proximity to a nice man that can only be described as a comical rendition of a late 1800's miner (if you're here, I'm sorry, sir, but really, I have to mention this). Buddy had the jeans tucked into real tall boots, some kind of vest that The Duke might wear, a big bushy beard, and a 90 year old cowboy hat that has evidently soaked up at least 60 years of NM sweat. However, the best part was the stag handled Arkansas toothpick on his hip that had 10" of blade if it had an inch. He was there dropping someone off and walked right up to screening like this.

Now, I'm not judging, I'm just thinking I missed something when trying to sort the NM knife laws.

Jeff (AKA glad to be back from Socorro)