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Thread: It came, it came it came!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nonprophet View Post
    Well now it's got me scared..... I am a legal concealed carry permit holder and it covers auto knives in my permit to carry and I am able to buy them from authorized dealers as a member of Law Enforcement but now that I read the Federal Law it seems to say that unless I'm MILITARY I can't even own one. Am I in murky water or....jeez now I'm all worried
    Could this be read as, federal law states only military can carry auto knives *without* a conceal carry permit?

    Your concealed carry permit could allow a civies to carry, being military may exempt you from needing the permit... Just a guess.
    I know here in snow and beer land (Canada) I can't have autos (or balisongs), emerson is legal though
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    I think Half Sack has it right, or at least that's the way I see it thus far. I'm going to have to do more research.
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