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Thread: Spyderco Bug Set Now Shipping!

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    Spyderco Bug Set Now Shipping!

    We are excited to announce a new 3 knife Bug set. The set includes a C133 Bug, C137 HoneyBee and a C138 GrassHopper all in one package.

    The Bug Set is shipping now. For more information on all three knives, check out the Bug Set Information page here.

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    The perfect stocking stuffer!


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    I've been playing with the idea of picking these knives up... but never have for whatever reason... looks like I will now. gosh you guys just make it too easy to feed this addiction
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    I have all three, they are actually pretty neat little knifes. I keep the GH (biggest one)on my keyboard at the office sincei always end up spotting splinters that I missed at home. The HB and Bug make great keyring \ Fingernail clipper knives. The price is right as well>

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