Thank you for the follow up info. I had forgotten about that guy. If memory serves he wanted something from Spyderco, free knife, discount or something in line with Spyderco's efforts to support our troops. I am glad to know that you followed up enough to either confirm your first inclination that his story wasn't true or if it was true to get him whatever he had coming from Spyderco as your way of saying thanks for service to the country. I remember feeling sorry for him because his efforts were being ignored, or so it seemed. I never had a feeling thay Spyderco would deliberately renig on a policy and believed the situation was fishy. As usual, the folks at Spyderco seem to have dealt with this situation through to it's truth. I like that. Thanks again and I agree you did the right thing in posting the end of the story. I would like to repeat that I had forgotten about the guy and most of the people here have also. We have more pleasant things to busy ourselves with. This is another situation that indicates Spyderco has good people which translates into a good company. Oh yeah, they make pretty good knives too.