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Thread: NEW PRODUCT: Orange Delica and Endura

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samhain73 View Post
    I ordered a orange Delica today, and it's already in the mail. I just am not sure if I will get along with the ffg blade.
    if you guys don't get along just go ahead and send it my way... I'll take it off your hands
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    So.... how many of these do we have to sell to get a run of the Dragonfly?
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    Been waiting for this for years. Good deal Spyderco!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dapagco View Post
    The orange Delica and Endura is now available and shipping. For more information, check out the Spyderco Delica and Spyderco Endura Product Pages.
    Quote Originally Posted by Donut View Post
    So.... how many of these do we have to sell to get a run of the Dragonfly?
    Did the orange replace green on the Delica and Endura or is green still being made?

    I've been circling a Dragonfly for about 2 years. I think an orange one and the circle would change to a purchase. Why don't you get them ready for my Christmas present?


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    Jack, the knife in the picture is green and green still appears in the drop-down list of color choices, so I don't think it was dropped. Reverse is true with the Endura, knife is blue, no blue dot, but there is a green dot, and both blue and green are in the drop-down.
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    Is there a good link for the orange Endura? Both links go to the Delica page and I don't see it under the new knives section either. Thanks.

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    And this is what the Delica looks like 'in the flesh':

    It's the Dutch national color, so it could also have been named: Dutch Pride Delica.

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    Alright. I caved. I didn't think I would want an Endura. Too large for me. But alas, with such a cool color, how could I resist?! And since I already own 2 Delica 4 FFGs I couldn't rightly justify buying yet ANOTHER one. Good thing there's an orange Endura, too
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    dang, I just bought a green one.
    Anyone wanna buy it off of me so I can get an orange one?
    what about a trade? (jk)

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