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Thread: is the janisong in any stage of prototype yet?

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    is the janisong in any stage of prototype yet?

    I know mike has said there's a lot going on at golden and he brought the rights and patents with him when he left blackhawk. Is there any news that can be given about this knife. I'm sure it has to be made in golden but is it still on the backburner. Did it ever get to R&D yet? Just curious to know if this is in the pipeline or just waiting outside of it. I think its a really intriguing design and I know spyderco can do it properly just wondering where its at in the process

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    It would be awesome if this was just around the corner....or at least being considered. I really want one...

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    I'm also really interested in where this selection is going. I'd like to see what Spyderco does with the design.
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    I saw the Yojimbo 2 in the Spyderco catalog suppliment at MBC camp but nothing on the Janisong. That being the case I'm guessing it's on the cutting room floor or in the distant, uncertain future.
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    I'ts great that Spyderco are concentrating on producing new models, but at the same time, the Janisong model really is a bit too cool to be discontinued in the long run. I would really like to see it come back in a Spyderco version, sooner or later.

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    My thinking is that the design Mike J has is really only useful for right to produce and preliminary drawings, as I suspect everything would be redesigned to be more spyderlike, and reengineered to MBC spec or close to it, so while the original design is neat, it is probably largely going to be redone, and between his YoJimbo2, head of special products, going to shows and his ongoing training and work with Stay Safe Media, this could be anywhere from collecting dust to early design/pre-prototype phase. He will probably make mention should it get a bit closer but I wouldn't hold my breath, especially given the issues with bali-song stigma in regulatory circles.
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