It's been a while ( a long while at that) since we've done a thread exclusive to the multifaceted uses of Hawkbill blades. Most of us find uses through trial and error and by happenstance.

Also I've found Hawkbills better than standard blades by chance and by using what was handy at the time. Hawkbills are gaining in popularity and different uses are discovered almost daily.

What uses do you use your Spyderco Hawkbill ( or any competitor's Hawkbill for that matter) for and how long have most of you actually used them?

What new uses have any of you recently discovered for them which actually surprised you to find out they were efficient at doing? What everyday practical uses do most of you use them for?

Also you can list Self Defense uses as well. And tell us what occupation you use them for. OK let's make a list >> JDO