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Thread: Rip-Off-Fake-Makers make me so angry!

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    Rip-Off-Fake-Makers make me so angry!

    I am so angry at those fakers who go and produce fake versions of Spyderco Knives and other tools. I consider it a wicked, evil, and horrible thing to produce and sell any fake, pseudo product and counterfeit and sell it or distribute it as a counterfeit. That is thievery, plain and simple. IF someone MAKES IT CLEAR that their item is NOT AUTHENTIC, NOT the REAL THING, and they are NOT trying to counterfeit it, that's one thing. Also they should get the explicit permission from the original producer of the authentic. I saw someone selling "Fake Gucci Bags" once, and he made it clear they are fake, though he should not have used the name Gucci. When it comes to tools such as Spyderco Knives it is especially horrible because not only is it evil but it also endangers peoples' lives. Imagine if someone is in some precarious situation and he or she has to depend their life on a knife..and its a fake..the blade breaks..and they get injured or killed. Horrible. Also, alot of the counterfeiters try to sell the fake at the price of the real thing, which adds insult to injury.

    What would you folks here say or do if you met one of these people face to face who has intentionally ripped off Spyderco and produced fake Spyderco Knives and sold them as real ones?

    I got into an argument with someone who actually told me he thought it was OKAY FOR PEOPLE TO DO THIS! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. His idea was that "Well, they need to eat, they need to make a living, and people are willing to spend the 10 dollars on the cheapo copy instead of spend 100 dollars or fifty dollars on the real thing." I was like "WHAT?! Are you KIDDING me?!" The same person thought it is cool for people to sell movie dvd's that were copies for resale without permission. I said "Look, if you want a Spyderco, save up the money and buy the REAL THING, and honor the designers, creators, and producers of Spyderco Knives, or else go for something that is genuinely cheapo, not a counterfeit."

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    It's a big problem. What I do? I report every fake/counterfeit I find on eBay. I also look at everything they are selling and do the same. They often have multiple sales going.

    Thieves need to eat too, but we throw them in jail.
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