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Thread: Spyderco triangle sharpener - how to use?

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    Spyderco triangle sharpener - how to use?

    Hiya all, I have been given an older model triangle sharpmaker - ceramic. See pic - Model 4231194.
    I have no idea how to use it. Can anyone give me the basics? Much appreciated!

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    there are several videos on the web, you can start with that:

    you have an old version of the sharpmaker with only one preset angle instead of the 2 in the video.
    but it works the same way.
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    U can buy the dvd on the spyderco website imo u wont get the most out of the sharpmaker without the dvd but basics are hold knife completly straight then start with medium (brown stones) 20 strokes each side using the corners of brown stones then flip to flat side of brown stones 20 more strokes then switch to white stones 20 strokes each side using corners then 20 strokes using flats of white stones number of strokes varies on steel type but sal says use medium or brown stones until u can slice paper then move on to white stones until its shaving sharp o and use hand gaurds or u will get cut hope this helpsbfeel free to pm me if u need more assistance
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    Have a look on youtube the, whole instructions dvd is on there, you can download it with youtube downloader.

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