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Thread: New Products! C129 & C130 - Spyderco Cat and Chicago

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    New Products! C129 & C130 - Spyderco Cat and Chicago

    I'm excited to announce (a little late, sorry!) that Spyderco has recently released two new products that are shipping as we speak, and are available online now at

    Both feature a black G-10 handle and 440C blade steel. The main difference can be seen in the blade - the Cat has a 2 7/16" blade where the Chicago has a 2" blade, complying with carry laws in certain states.

    For more info, full specs and pics, check out the Spyderco Cat and Spyderco Chicago Product Pages!

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    The original Cat and Chicago were S30V, CF and Taiwanese made.

    I can't find anything that says where these new models are made.

    (Nevermind -- I found the Taiwan stamp on photos in a new thread.)
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    Got to check these guys out at the factory today. Very nice knives. Will be getting the pair very soon.
    My spderco's include: Full Spyder Edge Cricket (Stainless), Combo Edge Delica 4 (Bi-Directional Grip), Sage 1 (Carbon Fiber), Manix 2 (G-10).

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    Are these made by the same Taichung maker as the Sages, etc.?
    Dan (dsmegst)

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    A Nice Pair, and then some!

    Hi All,
    Talk about Spyder Bitten! LOL!
    I find Myself drawn to alot of the smaller knives lately, The Balance, and a Green Ladybug with the Photon Light, Leafstorm (Outstanding) , Sprint Dyad, Dragonfly 2 Salt,Tatoo DFly, SS Dfly, SS and Stag Kiwi, 2 Tan, Red, Black ,Black W/Wharnie, Yellow H1,Yellow Hawkbill salt, Purple and 2 Orange Ladybugs, a Jester, Five Crickets, one Mamouth scale, A Carbon Fiber, an FRN, and and 2 Allamite Crickets, (LOVE'EM) and even a couple of Byrd Finches and now the Cat and Chicago, "Nice Pair" what great bunch of small blades, and this was in just the past month. keep them comming!
    P.S. Can't wait for the SS Balance to come out, Anybody Know When? How about an Allamite Balance, Hell, I'll even take one in FRN. Just keep'em comming. Hope the Mrs. doesn't find out, LOL!
    Thanks Spyderco

    " GOT TO FEED THE ADDICTION !" " Got it Real Bad, Can't Stop"

    "Sorry Sal," I know that You Say, "Everything in moderation, but I just sold My Road King Custom, and Oh Well ! " LOL!

    Thanks Mark for some of the old NIB ones, and Thanks Roman for telling Me about this and the Crickets. Mark, I really love the Purple Forum Native as well as the USN Toxic Forum Endura, Thanks for helping with My Collection.


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