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I have both a 92 Citadel and an all black PE Embassy. Both are nice, but both fill a slightly different niche for me. 1st let me say that if I had to choose only one, it would be the Embassy, hands down. It feels more robust in hand, despite its smaller size, and I 'feel' its a little better quality. I typically carry it as a pseudo gent's folder when I'm at work.

The Citadel is nice and light, and has a more utilitarian feel to it. I like the longer length for SD applications, should they arise. I typically carry the Citadel on the rare occasion when I'm in uniform, or on the not so rare occasion when I'm at work in 5.11s or BDUs.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of autos. However, when I saw Spyderco was making them, I knew I had to have one (and eventually got two). I'm glad I did , because I feel they bring the Spyderco quality and design refinement to the auto table. You can't go 'wrong' with either one, but personally I like the Embassy better.
I agree with this assessment. I bought them just because they are "taboo," not to mention cool. I haven't carried any of them. Ironically, I can open a regular Spydie much more quickly than an auto. But, they are cool nonetheless.