No im not buying both, As i know its gonna be said.

I don't do auto's alot unless they really strike me or are somewhat on the low numbers list. But i have a few and these two from Spyderco really interest me.

My local shop had in a Citadel 92mm in all black and PE and i really liked how it felt in my hand. But they had just sold the Embassy they had so i couldn't compare the two side by side. But i was told it felt completely different being a few ounces lighter.
I also like the looks of the Embassy much better.
But i don't care much for a light weight auto as it don't like it feeling like its gonna fly out of my hand if i don't have a tight grip.

Looking at the blade styles the Embassy looks like it would be the better slicer with the high flat grind. But the two aren't all that much different blade wise tho.

Lastly, Grip material. I liked the Citadels scaled style handles, But the G10 on the Embassy should be grippier without needing the large scales and be more form fitting. I like the Embassy's frame design which seems to have a more full grip than the Citadels more curved handle.

So i guess my question would be is, Does the lighter weight of the Embassy make it feel too snappy and not as solid as the Citadel?

And from what ive said if i went with the Embassy which i like better in pictures would i like it over the Embassy in person?