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Thread: BiFold

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    Very little play in mine when locked in the open position (there is play, but the lock engages under a bit of tension in the hinge that resists being open wide enough for the lock to the hinge wears, I would expect more play to develop).

    I am not sure if this is clear...if you open mine slowly, the lock will not engage. If it is slammed open (as happens during the deployment) it engages and locks up fairly solidly (for hinge/lock that has tiny parts like this).

    I have little doubt that considerable play would develop over time, and the "lock" could easily be defeated if a person tried. That said, I never presumed that this knife was intended for hard use (or much use for that matter). To me, it is a neat gadget that could be carried and used in a pinch, but it would be a poor choice some that wants a do it all knife that they carry daily and use frequently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LBomb View Post
    Does anyone else who owns this knife experience a good deal of "play" at the joint when the knife is in the open position?
    Yes. But, IMHO, it you're holding the knife correctly that's a moot point since it's not noticeable when you're cutting, only when the knife is unsupported.

    EDITED TO ADD: I'll admit that I have lower expectations for "novelty" knives than for those I perceive as intended for normal, regular use. I also agree with Unit that the BiFold is more of a cool little gadget that a tool.
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    I agree with you both. I bought this knife as more of a novelty item. I was just wondering what the consensus was because I just got mine a couple days ago and the "joint play" was very evident. So I was just wondering if it was common. Thanks for both of your speedy replies!

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    Thanks! I've been wanting to make a knife like that for a long time..
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