I'm looking to buy a new multi tool, and honestly i'm very Leatherman biased because every one i've ever had was superb. I don't really like Gerber very much because their steel is really soft. I'm leaning towards a Leatherman Wave Ti with the 154CM blade, but i'm open to opinions on other brands?

I would really prefer that it had removable wire cutter blades, because i've chewed them up in the past and that makes it much easier to sharpen/fix them. It must have scissors, a good assortment of "usable" screwdrivers, a good file and a good saw. Beyond that is just bonus material. I'm not concerned with weight or size as long as functionality shines. I also like the new Waves because they have a removable pocket clip (i'm not a sheath kind of guy).

So...what would YOU carry if you could only own and use one multi tool?