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Thread: Custom/handmade knives by you. Show them off!

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    Originally out of Arizona, currently live in Missouri.

    Custom/handmade knives by you. Show them off!

    Lets see everyone's handy work. Whether it was built from a kit or by scratch, lets see them!
    Here is one of my handmade jobs; A hatchet I did from Jantz Supply.
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    Well, these past two weeks have basically been my spring break (last week was finals week but I finished by Tuesday so ) and I've been busy. Picked up a HF 8 inch wheel grinder and busted these guys out.

    The top guy is like a FB Captain with a Hossom handle and the bottom is a machete for my parents because I sorta thrashed theirs when I was a kid. Everything here is either O1 or AEB-L and I'm expecting some more of each, plus 52100 next week. Waiting until my next paycheck to pick up a craftsman 2x42, I tried doing the grinds by hand but on just one knife it took around an hour and that was one of the smaller ones too.

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    I've never made a knife but I have assembled a few from blade blanks that I bought, maybe 8 or 9 total. I have a couple of mules waiting right now to receive scales.

    This is the only one that has photos readily available:

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