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Thread: 1987 Spyderco Co-Pilot

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    Arrow 1987 Spyderco Co-Pilot

    This is a knife owned by a friend of mine. He bought it back in 1987 or 1988....not sure. He works for a very cool government agency and carried this knife daily for about 18 years. Never been sharpened once. It was used a lot. It was used by a lot of different very very well known people in the U.S. Government. It "saved the day" quite a few times and was just a good companion other times. He asked if I could sharpen it for him and I always love doing that so I said "sure man, anytime".

    He's now carrying an FRN Dragonfly 2 that I bought him while I sharpen this. I just thought it looked awesome for a 23 year old knife. Not to mention that other than very minimal side to side play the thing is still awesome. It's now crazy sharp again (the pics are of before). I did also clean it up and oil it for him.

    Enjoy the pics. I liked the Co-pilot so much that I just snagged one from a buddy on the USN (Black Almite Sprint) for myself.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Also, the more I use the little big knives, the more I realize that I really don't need most knives with more than a 2.5 - 3" blade.
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    I always liked the Co-Pilot, one heck of a lot of knife in a small package. Spyderco has always been good at that in my opinion. Always nice to see a well loved Spydie. Thanks for sharing the story and pics!

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    Nice knife!
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    That's an awesome knife!
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    Back around the same year I bought the Co-Pilot in PE for my right front pocket and SE for the Left...carried them for about ten years, before I went crazy buying and carrying other Spyderco knives...They served me well...great little knives.....Now they sit in the safe mostly...they need a good rest....they did their duty....Doc
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    Great knife! The CoPilots with the G-2 marked blades appear to date from the time that Spyderco began marking the blade steel on their blades (sometime shortly after the Delica and Endura came our in 1990).

    Nice sharpening job. Looks like it's ready to go for another 25 years.

    Man, I love CoPilots!
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    Thanks for sharing the story behind the pics. One of the best things about being a 'knife-nut' is all the stories your knives share with you as the years pass. Just last week I was touching up the edge of a fixed-blade I had in the late-80s/early-90s while still on active duty. Man what it could tell; the hot days in the desert sand, the freezing nights in the mountain snows, , the places it has been, and the person I once was and am now. Looking at my current collection, it's the knives I've used the most that have the most interesting stories to tell, , , at least as I remember them.

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    A nice looking knife for being carried 18 years! Great photo's by the way. Enjoyed them.
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