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Thread: Come chat with us on IRC at #SharpThings!

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    Hello forumites!

    Once upon a time an idea about a "chat room" for the Spyderco forums popped up and as a result an IRC channel #spyderco was created by user c.joe on October 3rd 2010.
    Original topic here: Chat room

    Update #1: Due to several reasons, we changed the name of the chat room to #SharpThings as we wanted to differentiate the chat room and Spyderco.
    We have also put up a site where we post blogs, pictures, videos etc. Go check it out!
    The #SharpThings chat room and is IN NO WAY AFFILIATED with Spyderco, Spyderco staff or the Spyderco Forums! It is operated purely by members of the forum who are just regular Spydienuts.

    Update #2: Mibbit webchat no longer works in the OFTC network, using Mibbit in the network will result in a "banned" message. Please use another client.

    Update #3: Due to this post getting too big, I have removed the rules, instructions and FAQ and will instead provide you with a link:

    Thanks for looking, see you on IRC!
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