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    Quote Originally Posted by defenestrate View Post
    I would love to have one of these. Yes, RIOT, this one is spring assisted - it is categorized the same as an auto. I would also welcome a non-sprung version - perhaps without a spring and with a bit of detent in the opening mechanism it could have a design change to make it more workable manually. an opening "hole" roughly parallel to the hing/pivot could double as a file holder or a bit holder making this functional when closed as well..?
    Yes, what seems to make this an auto is that it has a trigger-like "switch" that holds the blade closed, a blade that is biased toward opening from any position in the swing of it's arc. I think a sprung cam/follower could be implemented on the pivot in such a way that the blade is biased toward closing, until the user pushes the blade past the tensioned cam, at which point the blade opens like an assisted opener. The trigger-like switch operates simply as a lock, and doesn't prevent the blade itself from swinging open automatically when unlatched.

    It could probably be implemented without the trigger-lock at all, the way I envision it. Using four parts, the handle half, the blade half, and a compression spring on the pivot pin, tensioning the two halves against each other on the pivot axis, where they could act as cam/follower to both bias closed and bias open/lock.

    Just my goofy thoughts...
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    Why not just build one with a reversed spring that holds the blade closed?

    Perhaps a single sided cobra hood to get the blade out.

    There are other bi-fold knives that are not considered autos, the Smith&Wesson Viper is one example.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Evil D View Post
    I would go so far as to say i can do more damage to someone with a ball point pen than you could with that little tiny blade.
    Come on now, you can't be serious... That's basically a folding La Griffe... If you could do more damage with a ball point pen, then you must have no combat training whatsoever. A 1.5" blade, especially with a finger hole like that, is no laughing matter. In the hands of a skilled user it's by far deadlier than many of these so called "tactical" folders that people swear by. I would feel far more comfortable slashing at someone full strength with one of these then say, my P'Kal (which I've carried daily for about 3 years now). If the lock fails I MIGHT get a pinched hand. If the lock fails on my P'Kal, I'm losing fingers! I think it's an awesome design that will find its fame as more and more people adopt it... and no, I don't own one. I'm about to go order one right now though.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rpbm10 View Post
    You mean you woke up a thread that's been sleeping for over two years to solicit a sale? Better read the forum rules and delete your post.
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