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Thread: Show your Swick

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    I'm holding off on trying to get a Swick until the day comes that we get a hawkbill version
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    Quote Originally Posted by w3tnz View Post
    Can someone enlighten me to the function of the, raised "button" on the spot? Is it something for sheath retention? Or purely cosmetic?

    Nice scales everyone the textured g10 really makes these pop.
    W3tnz; sorry for being so slow answering this; I was hoping someone with actual knowledge on this may answer.

    This is only my assumption and we all know what happens when we assume something.

    Anyway; You are correct; the button is for sheath retention.
    The button protrudes from both sides of the blade and there are matching indentations on the inside of the sheath.

    It seems like it was part of a upgrade on the Spot model, the earlier models did not have the buttons. Some may have even been sold without sheathes, as the Swick is now.

    Sorry for going off topic.
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    Thanks Reject, that's interesting, looks like the sheath was re-designed at some stage with relief for finger hole etc.

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    This isn't the exact photo that I submitted for the Swick scales contest, but these are the scales I made. It was fun to come up with a way to implement the design I had in my head, though some of the epoxying of the multiple layers took a bit more work than my usual scale projects.


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