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Thread: List your knives!

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    List your knives!

    Hi everyone. I'm taking the idea for this thread from another forum that uses a similar setup, hope some of you will find it helpful. Since there is no convenient place in our profiles to list our knives, many of us have resorted to listing them in our signatures, but there isn't much space there for large lists or full details. Those who need more room or who don't want to clutter up the bottom of their posts don't have much of an alternative.

    So, the idea of this thread is that if you wish to maintain a list of your stash, either for the curiosity of others or for your own benefit, you can post the list here, link to your specific post in your sig or profile (you can do this by copying the address provided by clicking the post number at the top right corner of the post), and edit your post over time to keep it updated. You can copy the format I'm going to use or do it however works best for you, whatever.

    Again, this is not my idea, credit for it goes to Powernoodle of CPF. A similar thread was created here back in 2001 but it was short-lived and seemed oriented more toward one-time discussion than an ongoing, updated inventory, so I think it appropriate to revive the idea with a refreshed intent. I hope some of you will find it useful.

    So let's see how it goes!

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    My knives (in more or less order of purchase):
    - Generic imitation-wood scaled hardware store pocket knife (@~7y/o)
    - Wenger SAK (Christmas gift when I was 8)
    - Magnum tanto (1st modern style folder, carried thru teen years)
    - Opinel No.8
    - Kershaw Chive (regular satin version)
    - Spyderco Cricket (FRN, SE; it sold me on the brand)
    - Spyderco Native III (SE, though I think they called it CE)
    - Spyderco Calypso Jr. (Burgundy, ZDP189 sprint)
    - Spyderco Tasman Salt (Yellow, PE)
    - Byrd Cara Cara G10 (CE; given to father)
    - Benchmade Mini-Griptilian 556S (Yellow)
    - Benchmade Kulgera 930S (Made by special order in small runs)
    - Spyderco Persistence
    - Spyderco Manix2 (SE)
    - Spyderco Mule Team (MT05, 9Cr18Mo)
    - Spyderco Khukuri
    - Kershaw Zing (Orange)
    - Spyderco UKPK Rescue second
    - Spyderco Cat second
    - Spyderco HoneyBee
    - Spyderco Sage I (Carbon fiber, Walker linerlock)
    - Spyderco Ladybug Salt (PE)
    - Spyderco UKPK Drop Point second
    - Mora Craftline Allround
    - Spyderco Bug
    - Spyderco Pacific Salt (Yellow, SE, bare clip)
    - Spyderco Endura 4 (ZDP-189, PE)
    - Spyderco UKPK Lightweight/FRN DP (Blue, CE)
    - Spyderco Grasshopper
    - Spyderco Aqua Salt (Yellow, SE)
    - Byrd Cara Cara Rescue1 (FRN, PE; great for $14.75 shipped!)
    - Spyderco Kiwi3
    - Spyderco Ladybug Hawkbill Salt
    - Spyderco Caly3.5 (Courtesy of Mr. Sparkitle)

    - Various Swiss Army Knives
    - Leatherman SuperTool
    - Leatherman Squirt E4
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    -Spyderco Sage 1
    -Spyderco Sage 2*
    -Spyderco UKPK Green
    -Spyderco Manix 2
    -Spyderco Tenacious Serrated
    -Spyderco Dragonfly G10*
    -Spyderco Hossom Forager
    -Spyderco Delica Wave Trainer
    -Spyderco Endura Wave Trainer
    -Spyderco Stretch FRN VG10
    -Kershaw Hawk
    -Vic Alox Farmer
    -Vic Small Tinker
    -Boker Exskellibur
    -Kabar Impact D2 Spearpoint
    -Fight'n Rooster Slipjoint
    -Hubertus Lockback Knife
    -Winchester Fixed Blade
    -CRKT HUG 2

    I think that's it but I'm going from memory so I may have missed something. *=my favorites .

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    -Spyderco Paramilitary plain edge, satin, digicamo G10
    -Spyderco Military plain edge, DLC coated, digicamo
    -Spyderco Warrior
    -Spyderco Tenacious
    -Spyderco Ladybug purple frn
    -Ka Bar USMC
    -Ka Bar Black Fighter
    -Chris Reeve Sebenza 21 Large with unique graphic
    -Benchmade Gold Class Griptilian 551BK-101 LE #13
    -Benchmade 42 balisong with spring latch
    -Benchmade HK 14440sb
    -Victorinox Camper
    -Wenger Soldier
    -Scrapyard Regulator

    That's what I've got so far. Really eyeballing some other models like the Salt 1, Stretch 2, and Persian sprint.
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    My moderate list in chronological order

    1. Native SE S30V
    2. Caly Jr VG10
    3. Chinook III S30V
    4. Para FG D2 (factory 2nd)
    5. Para FG D2 (NIB backup)
    6. ATR SS SE VG10
    7. Mini Manix CE S30V
    8. Military SE 440V
    9. Manix 2 CF S90V
    10. Mini Persian VG10
    11. Gayle Bradley M4
    12. Persian VG10

    now lets see Tony's list.... that should be about three or four pages long...


    p.s the ones in italics I no longer possess.
    C36GS, C36GTIP, C36CFM390P, C41BKPS, C52BKP, C63G3, C65TIP, C70S, C81FG, C83BM, C101GPS, C101CF90VP2, C105, C134CF

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    northern Alberta

    spyderco list

    military 440V endura4 combo
    military black combo endura zdp combo
    military S30V plain pro-grip
    centofante3 chinook2
    centofante4 natives30v
    adventura cricket spyderedge
    frn stretch vg-10 combo
    frn stretch vg-10 plain
    frn stretch zdp
    wagner full size combo
    police plain
    police serrrated
    police 3
    all 4 hossoms
    perrin bowie
    orange moran
    delica spyder edge
    delicazdp plain
    delica zdp combo
    delica frn flat ground purple

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    Talking I'm a Military Man myself

    As of now i have 16 PE millies, three of which get pocket time (Ti, S90V, BG42) i'm thinking about throwing a D2 into the mix.

    1 ATS-34, 2-CF S30V, 3-BG42, 3-S90V, 3 D2, 1 Orange and 3 Ti RIL yeah i got it bad

    Might have to lose a couple of them to gain the few variations i want and of course i can't wait to add the knifeworks version to my collection.

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    northern Alberta
    forgot a few: Manix& mini Manix

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    I am curious what The Deacon will list

    According to the 'raw' numbers I recall.
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    i tried and got this

    The text that you have entered is too long (17420 characters). Please shorten it to 10000 characters long
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    My knives
    Spydie count: a few

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    this one made me laugh (and, to be honest, shudder a little).

    Maybe you should even refrain from posting the TOTAL of your Spydies in order to prevent extreme reactions below our younger Spydieknuts


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    Full-Size Manix PE
    Manix 2 CTS-XHP
    Victorinox One handed Trekker
    Leatherman Skeletool

    Bradley is next, followed by the M4 Millie.

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    I have many others by many makers, including a dozen Seki made spydies, but I'm trying to focus on acquiring examples of all Golden Spydies

    B01 Spyderfly Rainbow
    C15 Terzuola CE
    C23 Renegade PE
    C24 Blackhawk Al. PE
    C36 Millie, Ti PE
    C55 Starmate PE
    C63 Chinook II PE
    C66 Vesuvius, Blue Pearl, PE
    C68 Gunting, Black CE
    C70 ATR Ti, SE
    C81 Paramilitary Black Pe
    C81 Paramilitary Green D2 PE
    C85 Yojimbo Blue
    C94 UK Rescue hollow
    C94 UK Black leaf
    C94 UK DK
    C94 UK Orange leaf
    C94 UK Green leaf
    C94 UK Green drop
    C101 Manix2 Black PE
    C101 Manix2 Blue PE
    C101 Manix2 Green PE
    C103 PíKal
    C115 T-Mag
    C128 Leafstorm
    FB14 Swick
    MT02 M4
    MT03 S90V
    MT06 S35VN
    MT Woodcraft
    T01 Spyderench Cast-in USA PE

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonydahose View Post
    i tried and got this

    The text that you have entered is too long (17420 characters). Please shorten it to 10000 characters long
    It would be faster to post, what you do not have. .
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    My top choices Native5, G10/VG10 Caly 3.5/3 & C83 Persian Black micarta/bolsters

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    I'm going to plead the 5th on this one.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Blonde View Post
    I'm going to plead the 5th on this one.

    Is it asking too much to take a few hours out of your day and list your knives?
    Keep you blades sharp and your wits sharper

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    Spyderco Forum Registered User ChrisR's Avatar
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    - UKPK Orange leafblade
    - UKPK Black peel-ply CF (prototype)
    - Bug (x2)
    - Honeybee
    - D'Allara PE
    - Tenacious PE

    - Raven PE

    Kershaw: Chive SS, Leek SS, Oh So Sweet, Needs Work, Cyclone
    Buck: Rush PE (x2) & SE, Tempest
    CRKT: Edgie, Slip KISS
    SOG: Twitch II
    SAK: Rambler

    Coming soon: Spyderco Terzuola, UKPK FRN (x2)
    My spydies: Squeak, Tenacious, Terzuola, D'Allara, UKPK CF peel-ply pre-production, UKPK CF smooth pre-production, UKPK G10 orange leaf-blade, UKPK FRN grey drop-point, UKPK FRN maroon leaf-blade, Bug ... all PE blades

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    In no particular order, just the knives I can find:

    Gerber Gen 1 Yari
    Fallkniven F1
    Benchmade Dejavoo
    William Henry S09
    Strider SNG
    Assorted Sgian Dubhs of dubious origin
    SAK Classic? (the silver one)
    SAK Rucksack
    Benchmade 940

    Spyderco :
    Endura 3
    Delica 4 zdp189
    Tasman Salt

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonydahose View Post
    i tried and got this

    The text that you have entered is too long (17420 characters). Please shorten it to 10000 characters long
    eh, just list it as quantities of base models... you know, "27x kopa, 13x endura"... hopefully that fits in the 10k characters
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    KS, USA, Earth


    Spyderco Endura 3
    Spyderco Native 1st Gen Brk
    Spyderco Salt 1
    Spyderco Para Military-black
    Spyderco Navigator 2
    Spyderco Native
    Spyderco Delica 3 OD
    Spyderco Ladybug-orange
    Spyderco UKPK
    Spyderco Dodo SE
    Spyderco Delica 4
    Spyderco Tasman Salt black
    Spyderco Ladybug Salt
    Spyderco Smallfly #1
    Spyderco Khukuri
    Spyderco Para Military-camo
    Spyderco USN Endura 4
    Spyderco Persistance
    Spyderco Spin
    Spyderco Urban
    Spyderco Civilian
    Spyderco Yojimbo
    Spyderco Smallfly Trainer
    Spyderco Smallfly #2
    Spyderco Tmag
    Spyderco Manix 2 black
    Spyderco Delica 4 waved blue
    Spyderco Dodo black PE
    Spyderco Sage
    Spyderco Hunter
    Spyderco Military Camo
    Spyderco Delica 4 orange
    Spyderco Black Hawk
    Spyderco Endura 3
    Spyderco Dodo blue PE
    Spyderco Manix 2 Green #120
    Spyderco Manix 2 Green
    Spyderco Manix 2 Green
    Spyderco Pacific Salt
    Spyderco Military all black

    Strider SnG-Coyote Brown
    Hinderer XM-18 orange
    Schrade Old Timer
    Benchmade Griptilian
    Benchmade Mini Griptilian
    Kershaw Whirlwind
    Benchmade Pika
    Kershaw Ken Onion
    CRKT M16-Orange
    RAT Rc-3 swat edition

    Now most of mine are obviously spydercos but I also like a bit of variety and quality and price as well
    And this is just the list from my excel spreadsheet but i have traded and sold a few of those spyders since.
    39 & counting...
    E3, Para mili, Salt 1 PE, Native, D3 OD, Ladybug, UKPK, Dodo, D4, Tasman, Ladybug Salt, Smallfly, Khukuri, Para Military, USN E4, Persistence, Civilian, Yojimbo, Smallfly, Manix 2 CE, Dodo, Military, D4 , Blackhawk, Pac Salt, Military, Manix 2, Captain, Assist, D'fly PE, Spyderhawk SE, Persian, Lum tanto, Warrior, Lil Temp, Tuff, spyderfly, szabofly,


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