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Thread: Collector or user

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    Spyderco Forum Registered User ssmtbracer's Avatar
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    Dec 2009

    Collector or user

    Do you consider yourself a collector or a user or both or some where in between partial collection but use them all.

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    Spyderco Forum Registered User cougar337's Avatar
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    Westminster, CO USA
    I would consider myself a 50/50 user/collector. I usually try my knives out for a while when a new model comes out. I am now finding myself collecting more Sante Fe Stoneworks, other customized spydies and of course the multi-colors coming out
    - Ian
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    Spyderco Forum Registered User bh49's Avatar
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    former Constitution state
    I am buying the knives, which I like and I am using the knives I love the most. I have about 70 Spydies and use 7 of them: C83 and C105 Persians, VG10 Caly3, Kopa Cocobolo, JB Micro-Dyad, Native, and Orange Ladybug. I do not think that I can consider my safe queens a collection. I have some Natives, but not all of them, I have some Calypsos, but not all of them, I have some Lums..... I do not have any Delicas, Militarys, Paras and many others popular Spydercos. So I just have some knives.
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    Spyderco Forum Registered User Jazz's Avatar
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    Alberta, Canada
    I just keep buying new knives that I like to use, and so have aquired quite a few.

    - best wishes, Jazz.

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    Spyderco Forum Registered User unit's Avatar
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    Missouri, USA
    I voted for partical collection. I try to collect and use complete knives though

    There are a few that I have not gotten around to using yet, but I am not convinced that any knife will appreciate monetarily more than it will be appreciated in use!
    Ken (my real name)

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    Spyderco Forum Registered User The Deacon's Avatar
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    Upstate SC, USA
    Definitely both. Have some I know I'll never carry, but always have at least one with me when I step out the door.
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    Spyderco Forum Registered User Peter1960's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Deacon View Post
    Definitely both. Have some I know I'll never carry, but always have at least one with me when I step out the door.
    Almost the same here; I have always one Spydie with me (inside the house and outdoor).
    Peter - member of group

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    Spyderco Forum Registered User Spyharpy's Avatar
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    I'm both. At first I had them for collecting with very few out as users. Since I had a lot of duplicates, I pulled them out of their sleep and now they are in my EDC rotation. I enjoy taking a different knife each time I step out the door. Adds a little more variety.
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    Spyderco Forum Registered User THG's Avatar
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    I use mine. To collect means to accumulate. You accumulate knives to what end? I made that mistake with pokemon cards way back then, and I'm not going to make it again.

    Don't cage up spydies.
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    Spyderco Forum Registered User vampyrewolf's Avatar
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    Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
    I have 60-70 knives in my collection, probably only use a dozen.

    On that same note, when I have all my packages that I'm waiting on now I'll have 8 straight razors and 3 DE razors (and about 100 blades for em). Had to reorganize my storage to get a drawer open for this stuff. And one more flea market coming up in 3 weeks.
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    Spyderco Forum Registered User Creepo's Avatar
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    Both. I mostly collect knives that I can use, small EDCable ones. When I get new ones I retire the old ones to the collection and sometimes revisit perhaps.

    But there are some that I just got to have even if I can't carry them much, some for the collectibility and some for the sheer awesomeness. I however try to use all of 'em. If they're too big to carry I'll use them in the house for whatever and some extra.

    In the end having a knife in a safe is like storing porn and never watching it. Fondling it is like masturbation. Using it... You know where I'm going with this.

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    Southeastern Wisconsin
    I would consider myself both.

    I have some that I will use, and others that I own for their collectability and aesthetic value.

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    Spyderco Forum Registered User bohica1998's Avatar
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    Arkansas, USA, Earth
    Both. I have some I use and some I don't. I collect Natives, Rescues and Hawkbills.

    Usually, I have one of each type, either in my pockets or somewhere nearby (EDC bag, in the truck, on my desk, etc.)

    Some I can't carry anyway, for various reasons. The Police and PE Civilian are a couple of examples. It's funny, I have a CCW and can carry a gun, but a knife with a blade that is too long or looks too "vicious" will get me in trouble.
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    Spyderco Forum Registered User Sequimite's Avatar
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    Sequim (skwim), WA
    I use knives. I collect experiences.

    I'm an admirer of Spyderco's designs. Using them is like immersing yourself in music or studying a painting in a museum. I buy some "fine" art but my preference is for usable art.

    I have a handful of NIB collectibles, but they will eventually be passed on to real collectors.
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    Spyderco Forum Registered User 4 s ter's Avatar
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    Defintely both. Some I'll never carry, others I EDC. I carry about 20% of my Spyderco knives (12 of 60).

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    Spyderco Forum Registered User
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    I do both. I have about 150 in my collection. Mostly Spyderco but also have quite a few Bark River (my preferred fixed blades), and some Kershaw, ESEE, Busse, Swamp Rat, SOG, Condor, Swiss Army and Fallkniven. I have some that I'll never use but liked the lock or design of the knife. Then I have my ecd rotation which has 3 fixed blades and about 10 folders that get swapped in and out. I always carry 1 fixed blade and 1-2 folders with me. Some are more woods knives that only come out when I go hiking or camping. Not all Spydies but they are the majority of what I buy.
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    Spyderco Forum Registered User yablanowitz's Avatar
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    To me, "collecting" implies some sort of organization, structure and goal, such as "I'm collecting Police Models and my goal is to have all the variations". It also implies a desire to preserve the best condition possible of each specimen. What I do is accumulate. I buy what strikes my fancy. When I get it, I carry it for a while and try it out. Most knives don't make the grade and end up in the big box o' knives. Some earn permanent pocket space and a few get back-ups for when they get lost, broken, stolen or worn out.
    I don't believe in safe queens, only in pre-need replacements.

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    Spyderco Forum Registered User
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    Tujunga, CA
    Both... I'm up to 36 individual models w.variations, and some duplicates of my top choices. These are just Spyderco Knives.

    Some as soon as I've bought them I realize will never be used, some for good reasons, some for bad reasons.

    My EDC collection consists of about a dozen models that get used for various purposes or attire. In all honesty they aren't all Spydies tho. This EDC collection is further refined to about 4 models that are my go to knives. They are users, and if they get abused so be it.

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    Spyderco Forum Registered User iwolf81's Avatar
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    Boston, MA
    I like to think of myself as a user. My 2009 Forum Native is on display only because I'm not a fan on the Native; I do carry the USN Endura. I buy knives that I want to carry. Unfortunately for my wallet, Spyderco makes many such knives.

    D3 CE, FG D4 CE Krein'd, Blue D4 FFG, Pink D4, Caly3 SE, USN E4 CE, Pink E4 CE, E4 ZDP-189 SE, FG E4 CE, E4 G10 FFG, Tenacious SE, Para SE, Para D2, Millie D2, ATR SE, Orange Assist I, Blue Rescue 93, Khukuri, Barong, Meerkat, Ladybug H1 SE, Manix 2 XHP, Rock Salt, S90V Mule Krein'd, JD Smith Sprint, Brown Matriarch SE, Poliwog, Stretch CE, Millie M4/Ti, Rock Lobster, Zulu, Rescue 79, D'Allara Rescue, LadyHawk SE, Lum Tanto Sprint, Dragonfly G10, Chaparral, Sage I, Caspian, Gayle Bradley

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    Spyderco Forum Registered User rycen's Avatar
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    U.S.A. Earth
    I use and collect. I enjoy using and hunting for that little known or seen model.
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