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Thread: Review: Spyderco Persistence

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    Review: Spyderco Persistence

    This is my first review here, so I hope you like it. I wanted the Spyderco Persistence - that's the Spyderco Tenacious' little brother - since I saw them for pre-order. After some trading, a new-in-the-box Persistence showed up. It's the same thing as the Tenacious, but shrunk down slightly. The end product is, in my opinion, a better EDC blade than its bigger brother. The model number is C136GP, and it costs around $30 in stores. Like the Tenacious and Bug, the Persistence is made in China. The measurements listed are from my ruler and not a website description, although you can find Spyderco's page on the Persistence here...

    The knife weighs 3.3 ounces by Spyderco's description, but mine weighed in at 3.15 ounces. Let's take a closer look...

    The Handle: The Persistence is a pocket-friendly 4-1/8" long and 7/16" thick, not counting the pocket clip. The liners are stainless steel, 1/16" thick, and they're drilled out to reduce weight. The back is an open design; just blow out any pocket lint or debris. The liners aren't nested, they're fully visible, and the handle scales are attached to them with hex screws (not Torx). Two hex screws are used per side, and one T-8 Torx screw as the blade pivot bolt.

    Open back design...

    The scales are black G-10, 1/16" thick, and they're textured a little more aggressively than the Tenacious' scales. Mine looked and felt a little unfinished; there were some rough spots, and two of the "edges" had what can only be described as splinters. This was quickly fixed with some 800-grit sandpaper, and after doing the edges, I sanded both scales to my liking. This wasn't necessary at all; I like my G-10 a little smooth and I think it looks better that way.

    Nice texture on the G-10...

    There's a lined lanyard hole for those of you who would like to attach one. It's large enough for a shoe lace, but I had to mess with it to get a folded piece of gutted 550 cord in there. The pocket clip is polished stainless steel and has the Spyderco bug etched in; it's the exact same pocket clip used on the Tenacious. It's adjustable via three hex screws for tip up or down, left or right (four-way) carry. This is a big plus for me, being a lefty.

    Hex screws; not Torx...

    The lock is a right-handed linerlock, and it's jimped. It's not recessed - it's on a higher plane than the opposing handle scale - for easy access. The ball detent holds the knife closed more securely than the Tenacious, and lock-up is solid. I didn't have to adjust the blade pivot bolt at all.

    Nice lock-up...

    Jimped liner...

    In use, the Persistence is very comfortable. There are no "hot spots" or pinching. I'd say that the Persistence has all of the comfort of the Tenacious; it just feels natural in your hand.

    The Blade: The Persistence shares the same blade steel as the Tenacious and the Byrd line of knives; 8Cr13MoV at 57-58 on the Rockwell scale. It's similar to AUS-8, and from my experience with the Tenacious and the Byrd Cara Cara, it's just fine for any EDC chore that I can throw at it. Opening envelopes or boxes, cutting rope, and food preparation are all easily accomplished long before a touch-up is necessary. The blade has a full flat grind, which I love. That blade is 1/8" thick too. Not too thick for a daily-use knife, but thick enough that it can do some serious work.

    The opening hole is 1/2" in diameter, and that means it's big enough to use with gloves on. Not heavy fire gloves, but anything you'd be wearing to keep your hands warm will work just fine. The blade rides on dual phosphor bronze bushings, and on taking mine apart, I found that there are actually two very thin phosphor bronze washers on each side (making it a quad bushing system?). Opening is smooth and fast. I usually need to either loosen the blade pivot bolt or squirt some lubricant in the blade area to get a knife where I want it, but not here. It was just perfect.

    Hex screw, but I found that a T-8 works too...

    Phosphor bronze washers...

    The blade is exactly 3" long, and it's all cutting length. The blade, as it came out of the box, was extremely sharp. It shaved hairs readily, and took an even sharper edge after a brief stropping. The back of the blade has jimping on the spine ramp, and it's very functional. The angle of the ramp coupled with the jimping almost guarantees that your thumb won't slip forward.

    In terms of markings, the Persistence is as follows...
    Left side, blade tang: SPYDERCO vertically, next to 8Cr13MoV. The left side also has the Spyderco "bug" logo.
    Right side, tang: China vertically.

    Overall, I really like this knife. It's not a "good for $30" knife, it's just a great knife! Put it this way; my wife doesn't like to trade her knives for anything, but she wanted my Persistence in exchange for her Byrd Meadowlark and 3rd-generation Delica. I told her no, because she doesn't know she's getting a Persistence as a Halloween gift.

    Check out the Persistence; like I said with the Tenacious, you can NOT beat it for the money.

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    More Photos

    The Spyderco "bug" clip...

    Detail of the hex screws on the handle screws...

    Blade, left side detail..

    Blade, right side detail...

    Jimped thumb rest...


    Flanked by a Byrd Cara Cara and Victorinox Camper Plus for size comparison...


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    Nice job and good photos!
    So many knives, so few pockets...
    Light Modding and Wharnifying when time permits

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    Very nice! Time to pick one of those up. Thanks for the review.

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    mine is OTW....can't wait to see it...!
    My favourite is my next one

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    You put a lot of work into the review, good stuff
    It's kinda funny, I have some higher end Spydies, that don't see as much pocket time as the Tenacious and Persistence.

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    Thanks for the review. I like the Tenacious' design, but haven't gotten one due to its size--it's a little too big to carry in Japan. Now I can get the Persistence and have it all! Yay!

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    Thanks for the excellent review, especially the very detailed photos. I have a full SE Tenacious that sees alot of rough, dirty grunt work around my house and yard, and really like it, but don't carry it much as an EDC. For some reason, I had pictured the Persistence much smaller than it actually is and your in-hand shots have just convinced me that I need to pick a few of these guys up - one for me and a few as giveaways.
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    Great review. On both of mine there are three bushings per side. They stick together really well. When i first received mine I absolutely hated the way they opened it was slow, gritty, and I thought the ball detent was too high, however, after a couple hundred openings and closings everything smoothed out and it is wonderful now. the only real problem I have with the knife is when i switched the pocket clip from tip down to tip up cary where it was first put on the G-10 was squashed and it just isnt very appealing. Pictures later.

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